Dr. Jamaal A. McLeod

Dr. Jamaal A. McLeod is a doctor of osteopathic medicine licensed to practice medicine in Florida and New York. He has the unique distinction of board certification in both Family Practice and Integrative Medicine.

During his fifteen-year medical career, Dr. McLeod has treated patients in family practice, urgent care and emergency medicine settings. He has also served as medical director and advisor for multiple integrative practices, and he sits on the medical advisory board of a health technology company. He also owns and operates Zenith Wellness, an integrative medicine practice based in Orlando, Florida.

Undoubtedly, conventional medical approaches save and extend millions of lives each year. However, these approaches are often inefficient at addressing chronic disease. Dr. McLeod’s convictions extend beyond the mere management of disease symptoms. He favors an integrative and functional approach to healthcare that relies on mainstream medical therapies and research-based innovative solutions aimed at preventing and treating the root causes of disease. Dr. McLeod directs this approach through a collaborative client-centered process that results in customized lifestyle wellness plans.

As a health technology expert, Dr. McLeod relies heavily on technological solutions to optimize his client-centered approach to wellness. For example, with the use of advanced tracking technology, he analyzes client biomarkers to identify the causes of chronic conditions and customize potential solutions. Also, client care is optimized through virtual visits and access to a customized Wellness App.

Zenith Wellness’s treatment approach focuses on establishing optimal gut health as a potential solution to a range of health issues.